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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (pc game)
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Less than a game, more than a story

This is the third game in the Amnesia series of horror games and which follows on from the superb The Dark Descent and Justine, although it is not directly connected to either of its predecessors so you don't have to have played them. However, if you have, you might be a little disappointed with this one as it is far from being in the same league as the earlier games and is hampered by the fact that it's almost not a real game at all. The story finds you in control of a wealthy businessman in 19th Century London who awakes in his home to the voices of his children. As you attempt to seek them out, you uncover a bizarre story into your own past, and which reveals mysterious goings on in your meat processing plant, a secretive visit to Mexico and the existence of a machine the purpose of which is best left uncovered. What this turns into is a first person adventure that mixes in puzzles and dark horror of both the psychological and visceral kind and which sees you facing off against a race of pigmen. However, there are a number of issues with the game which prevent it from being all that enthralling. The puzzles are pretty weak on the whole, being simple, obvious and samey, causing tedium to set in quickly. The pigmen are also rather more amusing than scary, especially in comparison to those of The Dark Descent. Gameplay soon becomes pretty tiresome, requiring little more than wandering around and solving the aforementioned poorly designed puzzles. Where the game scores though is in its story, which is superbly well crafted and utterly absorbing, and which is backed up by some lush visual design that is creepy and atmospheric. If you're looking for a real horror game, this fails to deliver but if you're after something more akin to an interactive movie, then this just about delivers.