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Among the Sleep (pc game)
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Survival horror for kids! Almost...

Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill might have just about invented the survival horror genre, but they haven't got things entirely their own way. With Among the Sleep, we have a modern take on something that many consider to have lost its way somewhat and while it's not perfect, it does show what can be done with the genre. The story is perhaps the most interesting thing here and instead of the player taking control of a tough cop or whatever, the adventure that unfolds here is seen through the eyes of a two year-old. You wake up after a nightmare one night to find that your mother is missing and take it upon yourself to track her down. Aided only by your talking teddy bear and your sketchy memory, you have to visit possible locations where she might be. The problem is though, you will encounter a terrifying creature on your travels who is most definitely out to get you. As a kid, you don't have anything to protect you and must rely on your wits alone. The whole thing plays out in a series of environments that are ever so slightly surreal and which add immensely to the atmosphere. Among the Sleep is a cracking slice of horror that is certainly a little unusual. Anyone looking for big guns and thrills will be disappointed, but if you like your horror slow-burning but which still packs in the shocks, then you've come to the right place. The visuals are excellent and heighten the sense of dread, making exploration a task fraught with danger. The story is intriguing and the antagonist is a genuinely unsettling piece of work. All in all, a top piece of survival horror.