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Ancient Conquest: Quest for the Golden Fleece (pc game)
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Great RTS with ancient theme

The game is a naval real time strategy game where the plot is set up in the mythical world of Greek Era which was run by ancient fighters and magic. The plot here is that you will be sent on a mission to recover the legendary ship named Golden Fleece. For this purpose you have to build your army and have to construct your ship named Argo. You also have heroes on your side like Hercules, Perseus, Jason and some others. They are very skilled at war and will help your army through every battle. The game has a very good range of some dynamic features which make it a real treat for veteran gamers. First of all you have a variety of 14 missions which will have different scenarios and challenges and you will find that every scenario is more exciting and thrilling than the other one. You will face sea monsters, sharks, serpents and some magical powers which you can also use to defeat your enemies. This naval conquest of the ancient times has been depicted by some very good 2D graphics and the user interface is very interactive. The controls work brilliantly and the game has a very good replay value. This ancient theme is quite different from games like Civilization 2 but is really an addictive one.