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If you fancy a bit of a modern take on the classic top down RPG formula, as epitomized by Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana, then Anodyne might be worth a look. It's not exactly brimming with originality but packs some old-school fun into a decent package. The game has a fantasy feel to it but is set in modern times, in the subconscious mind of Young, who you control. The story finds Young being summoned by an elderly sage to help stop the progress of The Darkness, which threatens to overwhelm the land. What follows is a fairly typical bit of retro adventuring, with the player exploring a series of mostly open-world top down environments, collecting items, slaying monsters and solving puzzles while the story progresses. There are all the usual features of such games, including extra weapons, plenty of NPCs to interact with and subquests to solve alongside the main story. If you are a big fan of this strangely underappreciated genre that is best typified by Zelda, but which also includes to a certain extent Final Fantasy, Y's and other such classics, then this is worth a look. It's got a very authentic feel in terms of visuals, but which are perhaps a little too self-consciously old-school to be truly impressive, the same of which can be said about its other elements. The gameplay is familiar, while the story isn't overly engaging but which will just about keep you playing to the end. The puzzles and the action are solid enough but like everything else, just a little too unoriginal to be make this a must play. Check it out, just don't expect a true classic.