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Anomaly: Warzone Earth (pc game)
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Reverse tower defense

If you're into your tower defense games but fancy something a little different, then this might be what you've been looking for. It's part of a series of similar games which includes Anomaly: Korea and Anomaly 2 and which are also well worth checking out but there are a few flaws which prevent it from living up to its potential. The storyline finds the Earth under attack by vicious alien invaders and as usual, it's your job to stop that from happening. This is achieved by leading your convoy of troops and vehicles through infested cities, taking out the trash as you go. You control over various aspects of your convoy and can alter its path and configuration for example, to take advantage of special abilities like repair units or different weapons, and to achieve your mission goals. These vary according to the level and provide some interesting tactical choices to help keep players on their toes. If you like classic RTS games like Command & Conquer, then this provides a nice modern alternative but without all the resource gathering. Instead, it plays out in a very fast-paced fashion that favors action over strategy but which still requires some thought in order to emerge victorious. However, perhaps the game's biggest issue is that it isn't varied enough. It soon transpires that missions aren't all that different enough and you can get away with pretty much the same approach each time. This results in a predictable game which gets repetitive too quickly. Add in some average graphics and sound and some less than varied units, and you're left with an experience that starts out fun but which soon proves to be shallow.