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Anti Ballistic Missile (pc game)
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  • Enemy rocket performance handicap
  • Missile controls
  • Anti Ballistic Missile pc game
  • Protect the city
  • Fire at will
  • Two explosions
  • Big explosion
  • Black background
  • Enemy has launched all missiles
  • The city is bombed
  • We've just lost another building
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Keep the missiles at bay; shoot them in mid air!

Anti Ballistic Missile is a shooter game, and a pretty well endowed one, even if it was released in the early 80s; your goal is that of keeping the enemy missiles from reaching the Earth, and you do that by aiming at them at them, predicting their trajectories and then shooting them. It's pretty well developed and well done, a game that is sure to satisfy you if you want an classic arcade shooter game, in a sort of Scorched Earth style, though not quite as specific as that one. Anti Ballistic Missile is in 2D, with but three colors, one for the ground, one for the target and another one for the missiles and trajectories. The cool thing about the game is that you need to make sure you predict how the enemy missiles will travel, along with your own missiles, and thus make sure you shoot right where the two might meet. Quite a challenge, but worth it for those that love on the fly calculations of trajectories, speeds and so on. So give it a go, it won't disappoint, and its graphical style is very satisfying in a way that no other arcade game can be.