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Apotheon (pc game)
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Become a legend

Like a stripped down version of God of War, Dark Souls, Castlevania, or Metroid, this cracking little platform adventure is sure to please genre fans. It's hard as nails, provides plenty of intense action and puzzling, and has a superb visual flair which all combine to make a stunning game. The storyline harkens back to the likes of Myth, telling how the Gods of Olympus have abandoned humanity, which has now turned upon itself in the ensuing chaos. It's your job as the one hero brave enough to fight back, to go to the Gods and take from their powers in order to ensure your survival. What follows is a pretty brutal and fast paced action adventure that sees you exploring a vast 2D open world. You're on the lookout for these godly powers and must use a variety of powerful weapons to slay the numerous enemies which stand between you and glory. There are plenty of objectives to complete but you can explore largely at will, which gives the game a great sense of freedom, while the variety of weapons on display is quite impressive and it requires cunning use of them in order to proceed. Apotheon really is quite the unexpected treat. It gets off to a wonderful start with its distinctive visual style, which is reminiscent of art from the period and which suits the mood of the game perfectly. The combat is deep and immensely satisfying, thanks to the range of weapons and enemies, while the puzzling elements are also well implemented. It's not an easy game, thanks to the requirement for some pixel perfect platforming skills, but if you're up to the task, this is a first class experience.