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Armello (pc game)
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A brave new world

If you're looking for a digital take on the card and board game genre, then this little gem is well worth seeking out. It's not quite perfect, thanks to some rather slow pacing, but its charming visuals and intuitive and deep gameplay go a long way to making up for its flaws. The game is set in a well created world and sets players off on a grand swashbuckling adventure as a hero of a powerful clan. Your ultimate goal is to storm the Palace of Armello and become king or queen and to do this, you'll go on quests, explore, get involved in all sorts of shenanigans and of course engage in combat. There are several playable heroes to choose from and the whole thing plays out in a sort of turn-based fashion, where you play cards and use action points to carry out a wide range of actions. The game has a nice mix of card, board and RPG elements, with plenty of challenging situations to encounter and which require careful use of the extensive range of cards. For the most part, this is a top notch bit of fun. The world created here is attractive and appealing, with some lovely bright and vibrant visuals which give the game a lot of personality. The various characters are well drawn and animated and pack a lot of visual punch. The gameplay mechanics too are well thought-out, being intuitive to pick up but which provide plenty of depth and which help ensure the game has some staying power. The real problem is that the game is very slow, with a lot of animations which can't be skipped and which does get frustrating. If you can deal with this though, you're in for a good time.