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Armikrog - Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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A wasted opportunity

Armikrog is a point-and-click puzzle adventure that harks back to the glory days of Space Quest and Discworld, and shares these games wonderfully silly sense of humor. It's also got Claymation-style visuals, a potentially interesting storyline and a few cunning puzzles that might keep you hooked to the end but is unfortunately plagued with bugs and feels so unpolished as to be almost a beta version. Players take control of bold space explorer Tommynaut and his blind talking alien dog, Beak-beak, and find themselves trapped in a mysterious fortress. Together, they must escape its walls and uncover the truth behind their imprisonment and its origins. What follows is a delightfully bonkers adventure, which follows in the tradition of the genre quite closely. You'll explore the castle, meet a range of unusual characters and of course solve the numerous puzzles which bar your progress. Armikrog is certainly a bold idea for a game, not least because of its distinctive visual style, which uses a method most thought abandoned years ago. The character and environmental design is certainly striking, but because the game is highly compressed, it all ends up looking rather ugly instead. The basic questing gameplay is decent enough, but the narrative is very predictable and offers little to keep you hooked, while the puzzles themselves are solid but again uninspired. There are further issues with the interface and the level of bugs, which combine to make this a tough sell, despite its apparent appeal.