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Artificial Girl 2 (pc game)
4.6 out of 5 (10 votes)
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A trip on an isolated island with your artificial girl

Artificial Girl 2 brings you and your artificial girls on an island, where nobody can disturb you. The game has the set of erotic interactions that the first game in the series put forth, and thus, manages to create a really interesting experience. And thus, no matter what you are looking to do within this game, you are sure to get a fun time out of it. The model for the girl is a good 3D one, with nice lines, not too jaggedly but neither too complex. At any rate, I guess the time you are going to spend within her company will not be too long, so you will mostly likely not get to notice the repetitive animations, and the overall lack of many options. In terms of story, other than the overarching theme of island dwelling, there is not much to talk about. However, remember, this is not much of a game, but more like an interactive toy/sandbox. Any way, if you like this kind of interactive suite, I think that Artificial Girl 2 will bring in a good chunk of fun, as its graphics are clean and good enough and for the minutes you are going to spend within, there is nothing to take you out of the experience.