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Ascendant (pc game)
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God of war

Ascendant is an intriguing mix of old-school scrolling beat 'em ups like Renegade and Double Dragon, scrolling shooters like Turrican, and rogue-likes such as Rogue and Hack. It's not a particularly complex or deep game but it is pretty fun and has some very stylish visuals, so it's worth at least a brief investigation. You take the role of a demigod who decides to invade the realm of his rivals, but of course they're not going to let you have everything your own way, so get prepared for some pretty vicious fighting action. There's not a great deal more in terms of story but what you have here is a tough, side scrolling actioner. You have access to a handful of moves, including melee, ranged and a dodge, and it's possible to link together combos or use spells for more devastating attacks. Once you've cleared out the normal bad guys on a level, you'll face off against a boss, while there's also shops and secret rooms to discover and which contain plenty of loot and other such things to help you out. Ascendant is actually a pretty fun little game. It certainly looks lovely, with a really distinctive visual style that just pops off your screen. The animation is silky smooth and the environments and characters are bright, vibrant and original. The action comes at you fast and hard, and if you like challenging games, then this will be for you, as it can be quite unforgiving. The randomly generated levels bring some replay value to the game, but even with this feature you're unlikely to be playing forever, as there's not that much variety. However, while it lasts, Ascendant is slickly enjoyable.