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Ashes of the Singularity (pc game)
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There is only war

This is a neat if slightly flawed real-time strategy game which doesn't live up to the likes of Command & Conquer but which provides plenty of science fiction thrills and spills. It's got some slick design work and fairly deep levels of strategy while being pretty easy to pick up, making it a fine choice for genre fans who don't have a lot of time. The game is set in the distant future, when mankind is venturing out into the stars and of course there are hostile aliens to be encountered and blown up. You're given the choice of two factions to play as, the Post Human Coalition and the Subtrate, a group of sentient AI beings, and then charged with completing a series of missions which generally involve destroying as much of the enemy as possible. Each faction has plenty of unique units, including research options and orbital skills which can really turn the tide of battle. The focus here is very much on large-scale combat and fights can get pretty epic in nature, making this quite a spectacular event. And for the most part, this is enjoyable stuff. The single-player portion is challenging and varied, with some tough battles to be fought thanks to the advanced AI that is present here. Everything looks and sounds quite spiffy too, with some nice unit and environment designs, while the interface is easy to pick up and navigate, making this a breeze to play whether you're an old hand or a total noob at this sort of thing. There are some minor issues but on the whole, if you're looking for an alternative to Supreme Commander, this should do it.