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Ashley Jones and the Heart of Egypt (pc game)
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Walk like an Egyptian

Although this sounds like it might be a nice little feminist take on the classic Indiana Jones-style adventure, it turns out to be little more than a standard match-3 game. It's decent enough in its own right but doesn't offer much that you haven't seen in a hundred other such titles, so unless you're a diehard fan of these things, you can easily skip this. The story aspects of the game revolve around the titular young lady, who is an archaeology student working in Egypt on a variety of digs. When she hears rumors of the legendary Heart of Ra, she heads out in search of it. All this translates into a standard match-3 game, with Ancient Egypt as the backdrop. As is usual for the genre, you simply have to switch around various colored blocks so that you get groups of three or more matching colors, with the ultimate goal of releasing an artifact which will then allow you to progress to the next level. Also as usual, you have a few powerups available to help speed things along, while you can also chain combos for even greater effect. As far as match-3's go, this is no better or worse than the million other such games on the market. The Egyptian theme is a nice touch and gives the game a little personality, although it's perhaps not used as much as it could have been. The rest of the gameplay is either compelling or tedious, depending on your perspective, and this really is one of those games that you know whether you'll enjoy before you even pick it up. Not a must play by any means, but for genre fans, it's worth a look.