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AT Robots (pc game)
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  • Another challenger appears
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Program your robot to be the victor!

AT Robots is a robot programming game, in which, you try to program your robot so that he'll win the competition with the other robots. You will not be able to offer a lot of aid to your robot during the battles, so it is essential to make sure your AI program is as good and as versatile as possible. The game features a sufficiently advanced programming language, called ATRA and it allows you to teach your robot behaviors and ways of attack, that can be quite complex. It's not a very graphically intense game, but it sure offers you a good amount of fun, especially if you love programming and don't mind lesser graphics. You can tweak and reuse some of the code you've used before, to build the kind of robot you want. Also, the AI will prove relatively versatile itself, and will change some if its' robots behaviors to fit your robot's style. All in all, it's a cool mind game, if anything for those that love to see how lines of code can dictate behavior of an AI entity. Else, for a more direct robot game, download RoboCop, a good enough sidescroller featuring the metallic exoskeleton law keeper.