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Atlantis 3: The New World (pc game)
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  • Atlantis 3: The New World pc game
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Find a lost world

The Atlantis series is another of Cryo's interactive adventure franchises, following from Lost Eden and being reminiscent of The 7th Guest and Myst. This sequel retains much of the appeal of its predecessors, but somehow loses some of the sparkle that made them shine so much, although it remains worthy of investigation by genre fans. Although this is the third game, they all stand alone so there is no real need to play earlier titles in order to keep up with this story. This one finds players in control of a young Egyptologist and her companion, as they search for a lost site in the year 2020. As they uncover the vast mass of puzzles and riddles which lead them to their goal, they soon realize that they are on the trail of the lost city of Atlantis itself. What follows is an epic adventure which consists of a series of puzzles and environments which are explored and solved in simple point-and-click fashion. The puzzles themselves are quite varied and offer a reasonable amount of challenge, although for many they might be a little on the easy side. The story too is quite linear, with little in the way of replay value, while the opening in particular is quite slow. The conversations too are a little on the dry side, lacking in color or interest but things do pick up as you progress, so stick with it. The visuals are quite lush, with some nicely detailed and attractive environments, although there are some issues with lip synching for the characters. All in all, this is a solid, but slightly disappointing entry in what is generally a fine series of adventures.