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Aufschwung Ost (pc game)
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  • Main menu screen
  • A peaceful town
  • This looks kinda sad
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Courtesy of Monkey Games.
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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For gamers who like abstract simulation

It is a political business simulation game which is abundant in elements such as diversity and historical aspects. The game takes place in the Eastern part of Germany which has just been unified. Before coming to the plot, let me make clear that the game is definitely for those who love abstract simulation with a historical context and which gives a great variety of elements. The mission that you have in this simulation is to devise some very good social, logistical, economic and foreign policies for your reign so that you can rule longer and remain stronger in your folds. The game runs better on a somewhat slow down util but the gameplay is fine. The graphics that they have managed with this one are average but one can say that not too much lavish graphics are needed for a game in this category. However the variety in terms of the gameplay is not that much widespread and is quite limited. You have to make the right decisions with the best timing and have to consider all the factors before you make the decision. The game has the same abstract outlook as has been seen with Balance of Power and is a great underdog.