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Aura 2 - The Sacred Rings (pc game)
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Let's save the world!

Aura 2 the Sacred Rings is a classic point and click adventure games, but it is adapted to 3rd millennium graphics and those two make a good team. The main story of the game is the battle between good and evil. The story begins in ancient times, when a clan of keepers protects a set of rings that grants immortality to the person who has them all. The rival clan found out about this artifact and their leader plan to steal it for his evil plans. So the clan of the keepers chooses Umang to get the ring back, so he begins an exciting adventure. The game is easy to play, due to point-and-click interface and it has more than 25 challenges and puzzles. There are also three worlds to explore. The visuals and special effects are great, no wonder the game has been created in 21st century. The player's choices affect the journey's outcome. The game also offers more than 40 minutes of amazing cut-scenes, more than 400 incredible locations to explore, an astonishing musical with 8 themes that fits perfectly with the game play. A player should finish the game in about 20 hours, given their experience in adventure type games. Graphically, Aura 2 combines cut-scenes with in-games graphics and match that with a gorgeously created special effects. One of the few weak-points of this game is that some of the puzzles were a bit difficult to deal with. But if you are a gamer that like adventure type games, this one should be in your collection.