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Avadon: The Black Fortress (pc game)
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  • Exploring caves with your huge rats
  • Using your characters inventory
  • Role playing flame attack
  • Leading your team through the temple
  • Selecting different actions to speak
  • The Microsoft Windows game cover
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
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Fantasy fun and games

Channelling the likes of Geneforge and Dungeons and Dragons, this is an intriguing RPG that brings some epic storytelling and interesting gameplay mechanics to the table and which combine to make an enthralling adventure. The player finds themself in the role of a warrior who is part of the Midlands Pact (nothing to do with Birmingham), an alliance which aims to protect the land from the enemies of the Farlands. As the game starts, you arrive at the city of Avadon and from there on, you become embroiled in a complex and winding plot which sees the fate of the land at stake. In classic D&D fashion, you get to choose from a few classes for your character, depending on your preferences and once things get going it turns out to be a pretty open ended affair. You can wander about freely, talking to NPCs, exploring, stealing and so on, while fights play out in turn-based fashion, with ranged, close and magical combat all available. You can also summon creatures to lend a hand, while there are also multiple endings to the storyline and which are based on your choices and alliances made during the game. Avadon is a pretty neat little adventure that provides RPG fans with a fair amount of content to get stuck into. The story is compelling and should keep you hooked until the end, while there is also plenty to keep you busy in the game itself. The combat is satisfying and tactical, while the isometric visuals are detailed and reasonably full of personality. None of the game is particularly original but its open ended nature is attractive and it's certainly worth a look.