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Avalon (pc game)
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Great top down RPG

It is an animie style RPG game where there is a lot of action and adventure which has been depicted in a conventional but interesting plot. It is far in the future that a village is under attack by some monsters and there is no one but you who is good enough and brave enough to fight them and prevent the demolition of the village. The game is not purely based on action as you will also counter a good deal of puzzles which have been gelled with different scenarios. You also need to find clues so that you can rescue the lost leaders of the village which will help you out against the enemies. The variety in the game is also a good one because you have a good chunk of levels in the game where they are different monsters to counter using different weapons. The weapons to use in the game are of varied variety in which swords, guns, axes and bows are only a few. The graphics are though quite inferior but that is because of the time when the game was released. Having said that, the game still has all the features to excite you and set you on a bumpy and thrill ride. You can also try Witchwood with this one.