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Avernum 6 (pc game)
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  • Image related to Avernum 6 game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Avernum 6 game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Avernum 6 game sale. Credit: Steam
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The epic conclusion arrives

The Avernum series is an epic set of RPGs that sprang from the Exile franchise but which soon developed its own style and established a solid following. The games are known for their complex, intertwining storylines and epic worlds to explore and while they all look pretty much the same, they provide a lot of interest to gamers who like to lose themselves in narrative. As such, you will probably be a bit confused if you jump in here so you're best off starting at the beginning and seeing how you get on. This one is effectively the final game in the main series and once again you find yourself exploring the vast underground world of Avernum as it finds itself facing another deadly threat to its very existence. The gameplay here is similar to previous entries and is once again pretty deep, making it a good choice for hardcore RPG fans as there's lot to customize and play around with. As usual, you get to roam around all the many and varied environments of Avernum, completing quests, looting, grabbing items, and of course battling monsters, while the whole thing retains that open-ended feel of previous games. As previously noted, you probably already know if you want to play this. Newcomers to the series really should go back to the beginning while veterans who are begging for me will have an absolute blast. Avernum remains a fascinating world to explore and it's easy to lose yourself in its complexity and richness, thanks to the sheer amount of detail that's gone into its creations. Gameplay too is varied and enjoyable so if you're a dedicated RPG fan, this is one series you need to play.