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Babylon 5 I've Found Her: Danger and Opportunity (pc game)
5 out of 5 (2 votes)
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Superb fan-made space opera

Like Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy, this is a fan-made tribute to a much-loved universe and actually stands as a superb game in its own right and which is well worth checking out, whether you're a Babylon 5 fan or not. It's a full-on space opera which features a slightly short campaign but which is excellently written and features tense, exciting gameplay while remaining true to its roots. The plot is based on fan fiction but manages to transcend the usual criticisms of such writing, thanks to its depth and complexity but what is perhaps even more impressive is the game's visual quality. For a fan-made production, this looks truly stunning, with some wonderfully authentic recreations of the famous craft and with plenty of slick effects to enjoy, many of which are just like they are on the show. Voice acting too is surprisingly good, putting many so-called professional games to shame. The gameplay stands up to the standards of the visuals, with plenty of opportunities for exciting dogfighting missions and which are quite varied and rarely less than compelling. If niggles are to be found, there are a few, but to be honest it seems rather unfair to mention them, given the context which they are placed in. The campaign is quite short, lasting only 6 or 7 hours so this isn't going to keep you entertained forever, while the AI for your wing-men is less than average, making them a bit useless in a stand-up fight. Also, the opening tutorials aren't exactly gripping which might put you off as you start, but to do this would be a mistake as what follows is a great piece of Wing Commander- or Freelancer-style space opera action which deserves to be played.