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Backyard Baseball 2001 (pc game)
4.6 out of 5 (15 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Intro: game developed by Infogrames
  • Menu: choosing teams
  • Preparing to bat
  • She've thrown the ball
  • Now it's pitching turn
  • Trying to catch the ball
  • Pablo is trying to pick it, but it's stuck!
  • Come on, guys! We need a home run!
  • Melonheads vs Monsters
  • Will it be a home run!?
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Catchy, but I recommend it for kids

Backyard Baseball 2001 is a sports game published and developed by Humongous Entertainment, a company owned by Atari. I found this game as the perfect game for children, mostly because of the authentic animations and the simple menu presented. The game works smoothly, and you can simply control the action with the mouse (to run, throw or swing in the place you want to) and with space button in order to pause it. If the characters are placed in the right spot, they will automatically catch the ball. There is no plot, you just create teams and try to gain high scores and win. You can make the game challenging by setting the difficulty to a hard one, and make it fun by combining teams. Speaking of teams, you have 30 characters to choose from. The sounds are great, and there is always fun to listen the characters, the commentators, the cheering crowds and the general ambiance. The kids are taunting about their abilities to play, and this fact brings a good humour. You will also find funny the way they chat. No complaints about the graphics area, neither, since the environment is colourful and pleasant to watch. Backyard Baseball 2001 is enjoyable, but far too easy for adults, so, you would better get it for your little sister, brother or other young relatives.