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Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal (pc game)
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Superb fantasy RPG

This expansion pack for the classic RPG Baldur's Gate 2 adds in a new multi-level dungeon, new weapons and skills, and offers significant graphical improvements over its predecessor. Perhaps more importantly for fans, it also concludes the epic storyline started in previous games and as such is a must-play for veterans of the series. Newcomers however, would be advised to go back to earlier games and work their way forward to this. Throne of Bhaal's gameplay is fairly similar to the first game, and sees players controlling a party of up to six characters, all of whom can be highly customised. As is usual for fantasy RPGS, quests must be completed, dungeons explored, and monsters slain using both magical and physical attacks. It is the level of detail here which really impresses, with complex options for character enhancement, a wide range of skills and a truly epic plot, with some excellent side quests. It might seem a little crude graphically, but the gameplay remains deep and engrossing, and really is one of the finest examples of fantasy RPG games around, standing comfortably alongside the Elder Scrolls series, Diablo or Ultima. If you have never explored the Forgotten Realms before, then do yourself a favour and go back to the start, but rest assured you are in for a great adventure.