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The Banner Saga 2 (pc game)
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Set sail for adventure!

The original Banner Saga was a cracking piece of story-led roleplaying fun but if you haven't played that one, then do yourself a favor before having a go with this sequel. To miss out on what went before would be to miss out on much of what makes the series so enjoyable so it's worth going back to the start to get the most out of the experience. The essential gameplay and setup are similar to the first game, this being a Viking-based epic where you must guide your clan to safety and victory while exploring the hostile landscape and interacting with the numerous characters who inhabit this world. Combat is played out in turn-based fashion but is now even deeper, richer, and more strategic than before thanks to changes in the battle board system and to the ever-present threat of permadeath hanging over your characters. There are also management aspects as you take care of your caravan while there's even a new race to encounter, the Horseborn, and which helps to further enrich the world. Banner Saga 2 is pretty much a modern classic in the turn-based RPG genre as it once again gives you just about everything you could want from such a game. The narrative is once again rich and fulfilling with wonderful characters you really care about and with some pretty meaty choices to make along the way. The combat and other elements are well integrated and complex, with only the caravan section slightly lacking in interest. The visuals are once again stylish and charming and when all these things are added together, you have a superb adventure.