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Banzai Bug (pc game)
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3D flight simulation with limited vareity

It is basically a flight simulation with 3D action theme and is unique in the sense that you will not be driving any aircraft but a bug. Your bug will tease the humans and will drive them out of their houses. But the task is not the simple and the humans have made various moves to protect their house from you and have employed bug exterminators. There are three different modes in the game which can be easily used by some buttons. The modes include the look around mode, the plane mode and the helicopter mode. In the plane you will simply move around and kill the enemies. In the helicopter mode, you will be moving only vertically doing all the stuff. In the look around mode your bug will only look around while staying at its own location and position. The game lacks in terms of the variations in the level designs as the enemies and the obstacles are a bit repetitive which spoils the interest in the game which remains quite interesting when you go through a few levels. The enemies are also not much tough but the game has some really good graphics which makes it attractive. I would rate it as a good time killer and a good one time play.