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Explore a strange new world

This might not be the best known title out there but it is certainly an underdog that is well worth visiting. It's an isometric action/adventure that features a highly involving storyline and some taut and exciting gameplay which combine to make a first rate experience. The plot finds players in the land of Caelondia after a terrible disaster known as 'Calamity'. The central character is The Kid, who just wants to create a safe haven and who is helped out by his chum, Rucks. The Kid travels an fairly extensive world, engaging in various forms of combat and collecting a number of items which help him to complete his quest and to learn more about the world. Your Bastion, the safe haven, can be upgraded with new buildings, which allow you to create and store new items and weapons, access new challenges and purchase goods. Most of what's on offer here isn't exactly original but it makes up for it by simply being well done. The storyline is minimalist but generally compelling, and lets the player figure out a lot about the world without laying it on too thickly, helping to maintain interest. The world itself is fascinating to explore and is well crafted and designed. The visual style is highly distinctive and generally rather lovely, with some captivating character work to support the environmental design. The gameplay is rarely less than enjoyable, with its mix of exploration and combat while the base building adds a neat extra element. All in all, this is a top notch slice of indie gaming that is well worth a look.