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Battle Chess 4000 (pc game)
4.39 out of 5 (23 votes)
  • Setting up the pieces
  • Opening moves
  • Come on then!
  • That didn't go well
  • I can see a few holes
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Get the queen out of the corner!
  • Going for the kill
  • I'm getting painted into a corner
  • Run away!
  • That's it, take the pawn
  • Need some backup here!
  • Going head to head with the opposing queen
  • This isn't going to end well
  • Kiss of death
  • The battle between Red and Blue has begun
  • Game title screen
  • Red strikes again
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Battle Chess 4000 is included in this package:

Hilarious chess sim for newcomers

If normal chess isn't challenging or entertaining enough for you, or if you've ever watched Star Wars and thought that the sci-fi version looked like more fun, then Battle Chess 4000 could be the game for you. The original Battle Chess took the basic game of chess and added in several battle animations to make the complex game of strategy a bit more enjoyable, with several references to notable fights from famous movies. This follow-up sticks to pretty much the same formula but changes the theme to sci-fi, with references to movies like 2001 in the battle animations to be spotted by eagle-eyed fans. The game also uses a distinctive clay-mation visual style for its pieces, similar to Clayfighters, which again makes it stand out from the crowd but apart from these two main novelties, Battle Chess 4000 is pretty much the same as every other chess game. There is however, an impressive library of moves to test the skill of players and although the AI level isn't that high, and certainly won't challenge seasoned veterans of the game, the game is really intended for newcomers to the game. The animations for the various pieces are superb and highly entertaining and really bring things to life. There are plenty of slick effects and elaborate animation sequences to enjoy and the game scores highly for its sheer unusual value. Graphically, Battle Chess 4000 is quite charming, with each piece full of personality and it is undeniably hilarious to watch their various expressions as they get attacked by the opposing piece. However, once the novelty wears off, what remains is a standard chess game that lacks the difficulty in the AI opponents that seasoned players demand, so if you are a serious player, this might get old quickly. For newcomers though, it is supremely entertaining.

Hilarious and competitive chess game

Battle Chess 4K is a fine simulation of a chess game which has been merged with some distinct features and a variety of humor. Other chess games like Battle Chess 2 are very much on the same note but this game has provided a futuristic theme in the form of the layout and the designs of the chess pieces. It is not a simple chess game where you just move the pieces as there are some very interesting battles that takes place between these pieces and some are very hilarious. The animations in the game in the form of the designs and the battles are very inviting and they really carry forward the Sci-fi theme in the game. Chess game lovers love to have a good A1 for such games and it really answers the call effectively because it is really competitive and one cannot win without employing an effective strategy and timely moves. Similarly the level designs are unique and the user interface is very simple and user friendly. There is a library in the game which has a variety of 30000 different moves. So the game has all the depth and variety to render you a great chess experience and the humor makes it even more fantastic.