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Battle Isle 93 - The Moon of Chromos (pc game)
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  • Dark Ages 1 - The Continents (RPG, 1997) pc game
  • Move troops
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  • Strategy
  • Green army
  • Depot
  • Change mode
  • Blue army
  • Arm vehicles
  • Attack target
  • Executing decision
  • Tank platoon
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Move mode? What is that?!
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A fine addition to the series

Battle Isle 2 : The Moon of Chromos is a sequel of the Battle Isle turn based strategy game that will make most players feel right at home. The game continues where the original left of - after the events of the last game, it turns out that your enemies, the Syknet Titan, are not as finished as you thought you are. They are still a pretty big threat and now, your job is to lead an army of your warriors into war again, and fight the good fight against the better and faster enemy than ever. This sequel is largely unchanged since the first game. It has the same interface and turn based gameplay, only the terrains are different and almost every unit has some slight modification for fighting on enemy territory and there are even a few new units. The graphics are also more or less the same as before, only with different coloring accordingly to different terrains. The game is more like an expansion than a full game, but it is a stand alone game and should be treated as such. Very good, very exciting and very much the same as the last one. You be the judge if that is a good or bad thing.