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Battlecruiser Millennium (battlecruiser millennium - the next iteration : the next iteration) (pc game)
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Space flight sim with strategic and economic elements

This game here, Battlecruiser Millennium is one of those very complex space flight simulations that really take themselves seriously. Therefore, unless you are willing to commit to them, you are best advised to stay away. The game features spacecrafts that can be optimized and personalized as you see fit, to suit your goals, and the amount of options you are given is high enough. Then its time to take your ship and put it to its paces, but things doesn't get any easier here either. There are missions to be had, but how you manage to complete them is entirely up to you, as the game doesn't really have a recipe that is common. Instead, more like a space flight sandbox, you can achieve your goals any way you see fit. The game also has a multitude of scenarios and campaigns to play, in which the emergent strategy portion becomes more important and thus, you'll be hard pressed not to find a mission structure to your liking. Engine wise, you get an overall nice 3D graphical system plus overall believable spaceship behaviors that make the game feel so much more intense, for those types that are hardcore physics implementation fans. A much easier experience to get into is that offered by the Homeworld series, which, even if it contains the same gameplay mechanics is however less pinned on over detailing everything, and it can act a sort of warm up game to Battlecruiser Millennium, a game that will sure put you to your paces.