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Battlefield 1 (pc game)
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Battlefield is back!

Battlefield 4 might have been plagued with bugs upon its release and Hardline might have been the Battlefield game that no one really wanted but there's no denying the series is the go-to one for shooter fans looking for large-scale military action. And now with the release of Battlefield 1, it seems that the franchise is back on track as this one delivers a spectacular single-player campaign and the awesome multiplayer thrills that fans demand. The single-player portion splits things down into several large missions and you experience the Great War through the eyes of several different individuals and which offer the usual mix of on-foot and vehicle action, only this time with the gritty feel of the First World War as the backdrop. The multiplayer is what really attracts people to the series though, and here you have nine maps plus a raft of modes to try out, with up to sixty-four players able to shoot it out. The class system is one area where this one mixes things up a bit, with specific vehicle-based ones added to the usual lineup. For anyone looking for solid, large-scale shooting fun in a realistic military setting, this has to be the best choice right now. The mix of antiquated weapons and vehicles really does give the game its own unique flavor while the maps and general feel of the combat also lend it an air of uniqueness. You can of course argue that it doesn't offer much that's new to the shooter arena but that's not really the point and in terms of quality FPS gaming, this is as good as it gets.