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Battlefield 4: China Rising (pc game)
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Here comes a new challenger!

Despite having a pretty rocky launch, with numerous bugs that caused immense amounts of frustration, Battlefield 4 has since turned itself around and proved itself to be the premier large-scale multiplayer first-person shooter out there. Although the single-player portion is a little forgettable, the multiplayer offers some excellent maps, a huge range of weapons and modes, and heaps intense moments of high-octane action. China Rising is the first of the expansion maps available for the game and set the tone for what was to follow, offering players four new maps plus a few weapons and achievements. It's sometimes available for free officially, but like with much of the game's DLC, it's getting more difficult to find players for it, as more people seem to stick with the vanilla content. The maps here are quite varied, with some nice mountainous/wooded levels alongside a massive desert map which is fun for snipers and pilots. There are some cool new guns to try out too but the main focus is the maps and in this respect, this pack certainly delivers. The maps are generally well designed and fit well with the others from the game in style and feel, while also offering new tactical challenges. The visuals are as impressive as ever, although the vaunted Levelution moments are a little lacking here and are more interesting in the base game. There's still lots of vehicle-based fun to enjoy too and while the desert map can feel a bit empty, for long-range lovers, it's a blast. Pick it up for free if you can as otherwise you might be playing alone.