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Battlestar (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Spaceship Battleships!

I used to play Battleships, the tabletop version, but since I had no official tabletop board, I used to make my own, either out of circuitry breadboard or on math paper or graph paper. You think the sessions were any less engaging?! Better think again! Therefore, when I sourced this game I was pretty stoked; gameplay wise it's just like the vanilla battleships game, only that, instead of (floating) ships you engage in battles with space ships. Even better I say, even better! More so that the controls are easy, the graphics and especially the space ship designs are cool to look at and analyze, and, also, because the art style is pretty interesting, pretty vanilla but yet reminiscent of space opera in the 80s. So, when all is said and done, Battlestar is a game that does a great job at offering you that turn based game we all loved as children, but also presses on the other buttons we may have developed a sensibility for, the ones that engage when we see beautiful space ships and a love for the mystery they hold on to! A good alternative? Download Battleship: The Classic Naval Warfare Game.