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Battlestation: Harbinger (pc game)
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Take me out to the black

Anyone with an interest in hard science fiction strategy gaming, similar to things like FTL, Star Wolves 3, and Master of Orion 2, would be well advised to check out this interesting offering. It lacks a little in the personality department but it's got a lot of clever, well-designed mechanics, and heaps of slick, compelling gameplay. The game gets off to an unoriginal start, by placing you in the shiny new shoes of a novice spaceship commander who has been tasked with heading out into the wild black yonder and finding out what lurks beyond the veil. As is common for the genre, you'll explore a procedurally generated galaxy, seeking out new planets, new life forms, and whatever secrets are out there, while engaging in complex strategical combat while upgrading your ship with new technology to help make your task easier. There are both turn-based and real-time elements to various aspects of the game while you can also build up your fleet to give things a much more epic feel. Battlestation is a pretty nifty slice of science fiction fun. It's not overly original in many aspects but it's certainly very polished and gives the feel of something that's had some time spent on it. It lacks a little in the way of personality or individuality, feeling a little bland and uninteresting in the visuals department while there's also not enough in the way of immersion or background material. However, in terms of strategic depth and variety, there's much to recommend this, with a lot to sink your teeth into so if you're looking for a new sci-fi adventure, this could be the one.