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Beat the House (pc game)
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  • Playing slots
  • Anyone know how to play?
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  • 21
  • Hit me
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7 casino games into one, great value

This is a casino games pack, containing an assortment of 7 casino games: roulette, video poker, two different brands of slot machines, craps as well as classic 21 (black jack). The individual games are packaged pretty neatly, emulating an actual casino type interaction kind of deal. Also, to make them even tighter bound as a package, the winnings in one type of game can be used for bets in another, which furthermore adds to the feel of the game. So, yeah, if you want to play any of the games listed above go ahead, this one is the kind of bundle that didn't skimp on quality control, quite on the contrary, you will be pretty amazed at how well put together the games actually are, which is pretty sweet. Also, what you will love about the bundle is that it records stats for up to 9 players, so you can play with friends or share the game with someone else. Also, the bundle seems pretty stable on Win7, running in XP compatibility mode, so there's really no reason not to give it a try if you like casino games. Another good option would be Bicycle Casino, so take a look at that one as well.