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Betrayer (pc game)
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  • Betrayer pc game
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  • In the dark
  • Clues
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  • Image related to Betrayer game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Betrayer game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Betrayer game sale. Credit: Steam
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A whole new world

Although Betrayer deserves a few points for its unusual setting and intriguing blend of action and horror, it falls down on too many counts to make it worth considering, and you're probably better off with Resident Evil or Silent Hill for your horror thrills. The game is set in the early 17th century as the New World was being colonized and places the player in the shoes of a colonist who finds himself stranded in a strange land, with only ghosts for company. Your main goal in the story is to discover the mystery behind this bleak and lonely place, so you'll have to explore the mostly open-world environment seeking out clues to progress the story. You'll also have to engage in combat with soldiers and more otherworldly creatures and this can be tackled in a stealthy fashion or more directly. There are also elements of Silent Hill here, as you can take over forts in order to enter an alternate dimension inhabited by spectral creatures, while the whole thing does feel like a mix of these horror games and action offerings like Far Cry. Betrayer is certainly a striking game in terms of visuals, with effective use of color to tell the story and some nice environments. However, as an action/horror game with FPS elements, it's less successful. It feels very plodding and slow as you explore, looking for clues, while the combat is more annoying than exciting, with some very frustrating encounters that suck all the fun out of things. The audio design is quite impressive but overall, this is very disappointing.