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Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear (pc game)
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A disgrace to the memory

This much-heralded expansion pack for the superb RPG that is Baldur's Gate was met with great expectations by fans of the long-running series but unfortunately it turns out to be a horrible misstep that is best avoided if you are fond of the franchise. You do need to own the Enhanced Edition of BG to play it but even if you, you're probably going to want to skip this. It promises much but ultimately falls down in so many areas that you're only going to end up disappointed. In theory, there's a lot to enjoy here: the game offers a 25-hour campaign that bridges the gap between the original title and Baldur's Gate 2 while giving you the chance to explore new areas, slay new monsters and earn new rewards in a series of epic quests. You've got the original cast of characters to reunite with along with some new faces, while there's also an entirely new class to try, the shaman, along with some potentially interesting additions to the difficulty, with new modes that either make it easier to progress through the story or make it much harder if you're up for a challenge. However, in practice, most of these elements are so poorly handled that the game ends up as a mess. The narrative here falls way short of the original's depth and complexity and instead smashed players over the head with social messages but which lack anything approaching subtlety. The UI is also horrendous, making navigation a nightmare, while the multiplayer just doesn't work. Throw in a bunch of bugs and other issues and you're left with something of a disgrace.