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Bible Builder (pc game)
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  • Bible Builder pc game
  • Psalms
  • Enter verse name
  • When Jesus was crucified
  • Philippians
  • It is true
  • Luke 3:3
  • Bethlehem
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Matthew 13:8
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • He's my angel guide
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Bible inspired trivia game

Bible Builder offers you a set of multiple answer questions, and all these questions are all about the bible. Therefore, if you want to see how your bible studies are progressing you can take this game and install it. The way these questions are presented is in tone with the questionnaire material. You browse through a book like interface which is accompanied by inspired depictions of the bible materials. The quality of the graphics is mostly so, so, alright but nothing to write home about. But given the fact that this is a trivia kind of bundle I doubt you are going to feel underwhelmed by it. Other extras contains is hymns, little snippets of them which you are asked to recognize, again, having been given multiple options to choose from. You also get an aid, evidently in the form of an angel, which, once clicked will present you with a hint, so you can better guess the answer to the question you need to answer. So, yeah, it's a neat piece of digital entertainment, quiz, if you are learning about the Christina bible and want to find out where you stand in regard to it. If, however, you want a more action oriented game, see how you like Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness, which is much more of a pedal to the metal action adventure type, with bits inspired by the biblical events as well.

Bible stories

If you would like to learn more about the Bible and enjoy 16-bit pixel art games of the 80's this game will be an enjoyable learning experience for you. There are 50 animated Bible stories and questions which test your knowledge on favourite Christian hymns, geography of the Holy Land and Bible events. There is plenty of effects such as the delightful pixel art animations, music and burning candle and puzzle game to maintain the player's interest. Increase your Bible factual knowledge today and try out this game!