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Big Pharma (pc game)
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Find the cure!

Managerial games aren't as common these days as they used to be, with the likes of Tabloid Tycoon and Car Tycoon rarely being seen any more. However, Big Pharma seeks to rectify this state of affairs, and while it's not quite perfect, it's intriguing enough to warrant a closer inspection. As the name suggests, this one throws you into the cutthroat world of the drug industry, where billions are to be made by curing the world of suffering. You start out as the boss of a fairly small drug company with just a few machines to knock out some standard pills, but by careful investment and canny decision making, you can build up an empire which sends out researchers to the most remote places on earth in order to find new ways to cure the sick. However, it's not enough just to find these cures, you'll also have to manufacture them and find ways to get them to the market in a commercially viable manner, making this as much business sim as it is strategy game or puzzler. Big Pharma certainly scores a lot of points from the original nature of its concept, and if you like that mix of business and strategy, then this should be quite appealing. It pulls you in well from the start, although there are issues with the clunky interface that prevent it from being as enjoyable as it should be. It's also a little on the easy side, with not enough competition to make things challenging, while it does get a bit repetitive if you play for too long. Visually, it's simple but striking, so if you are looking for something a little unusual, then you could do worse.