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Biko 3 (pc game)
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Game review

This is a bit earlier than the excellent RapeLay but includes a number of gameplay elements missing from that and later games of the genre. In Biko 3 you may choose your quarry from a selection of pretty young things with whom you have become acquainted. You may follow them home, but be careful you don't spoil the surprise! You course them through city blocks, public parks, backstreets and warehouses in stealth game style. To be fair this part could be a lot better than it is, its no Thief or Styx, but this stealth element is the most game like part of the game and does give a greater sense of immersion than the VN. If they spot you then you both have a proper giggle and you have to start again. Sometimes a policeman may see you instead and he will send you home without your supper. Along the way each damsel will pause at some point, here you have the opportunity to engage in some impromptu vigorous intercourse. If you choose to delay your gratification there follows a number of further stealth stages until you reach the devotchka's home. Here begins the main in-out-in-out. You probably know what to expect from this, the graphics you can see in the video, not realistic by modern standards but pleasant and affective, the sounds provide much of the immersion but are not quite up to RapeLay standards. The mechanics are more complicated: there are extra actions including removing clothing and some of the bints can be slapped about a bit but the controls are not so intuitive and a little clunky. The action *is* interactive in the RapeLay style. In all, a proper horrorshow addition to your collection, but once completed only good for the occasional revisit. Biko 3 also caters to those affected by conscious (or cowardice as Wilde reminds us!) so you SJW and mangina types can play too, simply pick up the 'nice guy' item while in stealth mode for a completely Lubbilubbing ending wherein it turns out your angel was in Wuv with you all along!