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Biliardo 2 (pc game)
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A billiards sim, with lesser know game variations

While we might be familiar with 8 and 9 ball billiards, and even snooker, there are so many more billiards versions out there, some specific to certain regions, some that have become available worldwide. As the name suggests, this isn't a pool game, so, indeed it's billiards, versions of games. These are 5 pins, Bowls, Carom, with 1and 3 cushions, so 2 distinct versions, and 3 ball. Now, the idea in these games is not to pocket the balls. The variations were produced in a time period where most billiards tables didn't even have pockets; so, each one has a different set of winning conditions. 5 pins for instance is played by adding pins on the surface of the table, and the player has to find his way around them, with the balls, without touching them. Graphically, Biliardo 2 is very well looking, in 3D, though the b2D view of the table is the most useful and easy to read. Also, the game, physics wise, is pretty well polished, so it's an excellent practice tool for the gentlemanly game. If, however, you want some classic pool, download Virtual Pool Hall, neat and tidy pool game, with a very modern graphics and physics engine.