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Biliardo (pc game)
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Very diverse billiards collection

With Biliardo you can play a world of pool games; you have 5 pins billiards, you have Goriziano, Bowls, Carom billiards with a few different versions included as well. Also, you get classic pool, 8 and 9 ball, and these too make for a great variety of billiards games. The graphics are absolutely great; the top down table offers you a top detail graphic array. You can set the visual aids to one line, two lines and even more, so you can learn to play the game and get even more complicated shots with ease. But of course, playing the true competitions won't afford you these aids, but you'll already have learned a lot. Most impressive, the physics of the game are flawless. Quite frankly I haven't found one single instance where the balls looked to act weirdly, so, for sure, that says a lot about this game. Of course, getting the speed, English and other detail controls just right will take some getting used to, but the physics allow very detailed calculations. So, definitely, worth looking into. Also, download Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker for a good, dedicated snooker sim in 3D.