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Black Mirror 2 (pc game)
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  • Going throught the old photography shop
  • Looking in your inventory at the morgue
  • Looking in the gothic building
  • The cover game art for DVD-ROM
  • Adventuring outside in the worn out building
  • Talking to officer in the lounge
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Spooky thrills

Fans of classic mystery adventures like Myst, Amerzone and The 7th Guest should enjoy this dark and haunting game which builds on the foundations of the original Black Mirror to largely decent effect. The complex plot line involves multiple murders, a creepy old castle and a whole heap of strange events that leads our hero, a young physics student, to a small town in England, where he might just find the answers to this baffling mystery. The game plays out like the Broken Sword titles, being a third person point and click adventure, where you explore a series of exotic and spooky locales, talk to the natives and grab items in order to solve the numerous inventory-based puzzles which bar your progress. There are also a few logic-style puzzles included to add some variety, while the presence of a diary contains some handy hints should you get stuck along the way. As far as these things go, this is pretty entertaining stuff, and is certainly worth playing if you enjoyed the first game in the series. The mix of gameplay elements is fairly familiar to anyone who has played a similar title but the puzzles here are highly varied and mostly enjoyable to solve. There's a great sense of atmosphere, thanks to some excellent design work on the environments, with some genuinely creepy and haunting places to explore. The storyline too is gripping, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end, and is only let down by the sudden and unsatisfying ending. There's a few tedious bits of pixel hunting to be done, while some of the explanations go on a bit but apart from this, this is a great adventure.