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Let's go to war

The original Blackguards was a fine bit of fantasy strategy which featured some deep, complex gameplay and a wonderfully realized world. This sequel keeps much of what made its predecessor so good and enhances it to the point where it becomes an almost must-play. The story here is pretty complicated in a good way, so you might be a little lost if you haven't played the first game, but a big part of the series' appeal is its world building so take some time to take it all in. Gameplay-wise though, what you're mostly doing here is recruiting mercenaries and the engaging in some tricky but rewarding hex-based battles. There's all the usual array of heroes, gear, weapons and spells to experiment with, as well as some plot twists and turns that actually require some decisions on the player's part and which help add to the appeal. You can even influence your environment in battles to swing the tide in your favor and which brings another nice level of tactics to proceedings. Blackguards 2 really is quite the little treat and brings strategic combat games like Laser Squad right up to date. The visuals here are nice and slick, with some great environments and character work to enjoy, while the gameplay itself is challenging, varied and rarely less than enjoyable. It might be a little tough for some, but the sense of reward is high here, as the game doesn't spoonfeed the player and instead expects them to earn their victories. All in all, a worthy game that should provide plenty of entertainment.