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Blackwell Bundle (pc game)
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Great value set

If you're into your point-and-click adventures like The Night of the Rabbit, then this bundle is one of the best value sets around. It's a collection of four adventures that are all loosely connected and which stand as some excellent examples of videogame storytelling. The first game sees you meeting a cynical writer who also happens to be a medium and have a ghost as a chum, and together they go about solving the mystery behind a series of suicides. Another killer pops up for the second game, while the third one sees you investigating a film premiere with a bloody secret, while the fourth revolves around an investigation into why street psychics are dying under mysterious circumstances. The setting for these game is New York in the 1970s, which gives them a distinct feel, while the gameplay is familiar point-and-click stuff, with the usual mix of exploration and puzzle solving. The biggest reason to pick up this set is the stories, as each one is an individual delight. The world that has been created here is both charming and dark, with a cast of memorable characters and situations that will linger with you for some time. The writing is sharp and witty, and together with the visuals and music, really help to bring the games to life. The puzzles are perhaps the weakest element, mostly being a tad simplistic and which will not challenge hardened genre fans. The stories though are enough to make up for this slight fault, but don't expect any of them to last all that long and together, there's probably a little over ten hours worth here. However, don't let this put you off, as while they last, these are some great games.