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Blockade (operation blockade) (pc game)
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  • The way is shut
  • Brown is in serious trouble
  • Let the battle begin
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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  • Image related to BLOCKADE Classic game sale. Credit: Steam
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A puzzle/strategy Snake for two!

Blockade is a strategy/puzzler title, much in the style of the classic Snake game. However, this is a sort of competitive game, where you will engage in building the largest possible snake against your competition, another player that will need to avoid bumping into you, while also chasing the food pellets that help you grow. Thus, your strategy is to try and obfuscate the growth of the other snake while trying to make it easier for it to bump into you (or itself). While it wouldn't look so, it can be very engaging, and if you play against a friend with love for Snake, you'll find the game to be pretty hard to resist. Sure, it looks like an old DOS game, but in spite of the minimal graphics, it won't disappoint: it has all that is needed to keep you playing for a long time, granted, if you have a good adversary. It's unfortunate that the game doesn't' feature an AI opponent, but you can choose to play in single with one snake only, for training. Still the challenge mode is absolutely great.