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Blood & Gold: Caribbean! (pc game)
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Shiver me timbers!

Although based around the solid Mount & Blade engine, Black & Gold is a sadly lackluster strategy game which misses a lot of tricks and thus stands as only really for hardcore genre fans. It's basically a blend of open world RPG and economic sim, like a mix of Pirates! and Port Royale and offers players the chance to venture into the 17th century and live the life of a pirate, while exploring, trading and slapping people around with a big sword. This is actually a reworked version of the original Caribbean! and offers improvements in many areas, with new tribes, more locations to explore, more characters to play as and more weapons. The gameplay is similar to other such games, as you create a character, then choose to forge your own path in the world, being a trader, buccaneer or captain as you see fit. You can engage in sea battles, build up your forts and other buildings and engage in missions such as assassinations, running protection rackets and so on. While on paper, this is sounds well and good, unfortunately in practice, it doesn't all live up to its promise. There is a reasonable amount of enjoyment to be had here, as there is a good variety of activities to take part in, and which require a mix of strategy and quick reflexes. The visuals are pretty decent, bringing the period to life with drama and flair but the biggest problems are it's lack of overall depth and its general level of bugginess, which make the game a lot less enjoyable than it should be. As said, it's not terrible, just lacking in the depth which would have made it a classic.