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Blood: Plasma Pack (pc game)
5 out of 5 (15 votes)
  • Main menu
  • Picked up guns akimbo
  • First stage: like the original Blood game
  • Shoot both zombies
  • Nothing scarying here
  • Some though fire
  • Going toward that opening
  • Extra crispy difficulty
  • Now you're dead
  • I love playing with explosives
  • I have a lot of dynamite!
  • Game title screen
  • Image extracted from gameplay video.

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Blood: Plasma Pack is included in this package:

13 new levels and 7 new monsters

Blood Plasma Pack is an addon package for the original Blood first person shooter, and a pretty generous addition, to an already pretty meaty a game. With it you get 13 new levels, where around 7 new monsters have made their home. Still, the gameplay in these levels is not so much changed; the same build and the same kind of construction is used, with lots of corridors, and the monsters, while some of them do shoot back at you, are still mostly runners, and their numbers will create issues for you rather than their intelligence. There are also a few new additions in terms of your fire power. Nope, no new weapons are included, however the ones you already were offered have been tweaked and have received new fire modes, which is great for dealing with the new monsters. Thus, all in all, what can be said to best describe this game addon, is that it is very well balanced, maybe a bit more aggressive than the original, yet not harder, just requiring more movement and more quick shooting. So, if you love Doom like shooters, this and the original Blood need to be on your hard drive!

The action is pretty cool

This action FPS shooter game is basically an expansion of the original version which we known as Blood. The plot is the same as the original game and that is to color the enemies in their own blood using your destructive shooting skills and the wide variety of weaponry and ammo that you have. If you have played the original version, it is only an expansion with not much new but if you have no played it, then you will find it a complete action package. The first addition to the game is that they have added a verity of 9 new levels along with multiplayer bloodbath levels which are real destructive and full of action. The variety in terms of the enemies have also been upgraded and you will find a lot of new folks to deal with. The arsenal is pretty much the same which I did not liked at all but the shooting action is so smooth and swift that you will really get vicious and lusty for killing. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the original game but the little details and innovation have added a good depth to it. The graphics are also the same but they are a bit more clear and smooth.