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BloodNet (bloodnet - a cyberpunk gothic) (pc game)
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  • Opening narration
  • Intro sequence
  • He's a happy chap
  • Nice lab
  • Don't be, I only have eyes for you
  • Way to cramp my style, daddio
  • That doesn't look fun
  • Let's do that, I'm peckish
  • Am I really talking to my ear?
  • Character generation screen
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Micro Prose proudly presents
  • This an eerie place
  • At the scene of the crime
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.

BloodNet is included in this package:

RPG/adventure in a noir/vampire Sci Fi setting

The game is an interesting clash of elements, of which the story is quite interesting. The futuristic and somewhat techno/steam punk setting is pretty interesting to behold, making this game quite interesting to advance, were it not, however, for the less than proper controls. Even the neo vampire theme that manages to trickle within the game can't really save the fact that controls wise the game is a bit too clunky, a bit too all over the place and doesn't quite manage to decide whether it wants to be a graphical novel, an adventure or an action RPG. Thus, a good story is lost in a badly managed net of controls that make justice to no genre and will only put itself as a barrier for your progression. Rather, if you want to try a true vampire RPG go for the Vampire The Masquerade games. This one would have required a bit more direction in what it tries to be, because you can't really mix RPG and adventure the way this game wants to and expect it to still remain playable. It's a pity, because the setting and story does drive the adventure forward, but ultimately you just don't get something to keep you playing for long.