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Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery (pc game)
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Adventures in Sweden

There are a number of games in the Carol Reed Mystery series, starting out with Remedy and continuing with titles such as Hope Springs Eternal and Time Stand Still. They're similar in style to the Nancy Drew adventures but don't quite live up to the standards of that franchise, although they're still worth a look. This one is a fairly middling affair but is quite representative of the series, making it a decent if uninspiring choice. As usual, the game is set in Sweden and finds our heroine, Carol Reed, a young amateur detective, on the trail of another mysterious case. This time, her client is being stalked, but soon commits suicide, leaving Carol to wonder if there is something darker at play here. What follows is a classically-styled first-person point-and-click adventure where you must explore numerous environments while searching for clues and talking to suspects in order to find the solution to the mystery. There are of course puzzles to solve, but these aren't overly challenging, making this a poor choice for genre veterans, and they're also lumped into the gameplay in a fairly arbitrary fashion, so the whole experience doesn't feel quite right. However, if you're looking for a relaxing and not overly difficult adventure to get into, this just about ticks the boxes. The visuals are pleasing, with some nice environments and scenery to enjoy, while the controls are easy to pick up and the story reasonably compelling. It's not a classic of the genre, but for a gentle mystery, this is worth a look.