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BMF (pc game)
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A top down freeware shooter similar to Cannon Fodder

BMF is a well produced shooter game, a top down one, in 2D graphics, which shares its setting and feel with Cannon Fodder, another great shooter game, that was quite cartoonish, and, at the same time, had a bit of a political agenda driving it forward. That political agenda no longer fuels this one, however in terms of gameplay BMF and Cannon are quite kindred spirits. Also, with this one you can attempt to play multiplayer missions, and, while the IPX protocol is no longer a widely (or at all!) used communications protocol, you can still play its single player campaign without issues. The plot of the game is however not as drawing as with Cannon, revolving around negligible military activity and missions, without a lot of backstory or reason. At any rate, a plus or minus, depending on how it's going to relate to you, is that a lot of the map is hidden by persistent fog of war, and so, you can't really tell where the enemies might be hidden. But, on the other hand, this might be for the better too, since you never quite know what to expect. Overall, is playable though as I said, if you've played Cannon Fodder this one will feel like an abbreviated and not as nice version of that one.